Meet the Hosts Jamie and Bobby Deen

JAMIE DEEN, the elder brother by less than three years, attended Valdosta State University and was working in various businesses following graduation when the Paula Deen brand was in its infancy. Always one to see opportunities, the Albany, Georgia native used his business experience and solid work ethic to help Paula identify, build and market the transition of her home meal delivery business to one of America’s most successful restaurant launches. In fact The Lady and Sons in Savannah may be looked back on as one of the smartest moves in entertainment brand history. It was that launch – well planned, and executed without losing any of the folksy and fun aspects that Paula Deen brought to her recipes and presentation – that become the seminal moment for Deen brand growth. Jamie’s careful attention to the business side freed his mom to craft recipes that gave the Deen brand its first national exposure and launched the mega brand that Paula Deen is today.

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BOBBY DEEN, the younger of the two Deen brothers, joined the cooking family business at an early age, working with Paula in her at-home meal delivery business as a teenager, and eventually joining older brother Jamie in the running of The Lady and Sons as it launched.

Bobby is a restaurant entrepreneur lifer, and compliments both the style of his mom and his elder brother in rounding out a brand that can now lure in those from 16 to 60, unlike any other in the genre. Bobby did a great amount of the behind the scenes work with Paula in the early days of the brand build, however his effervescent personality and understanding of the food business served as the natural foundation for him to join older brother Jamie in the successful Deen Brothers media brand that they are both now managing and creating in publishing, new media and television.

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