Pour the wine. Fire the grill. Bring on the battle.

Beringer Founders' Estate is back to host a new season of Food Networks' Chopped Grill Masters airing Tuesdays at 10/9c.

And you’re invited.

Tune in as 16 grilling pros compete in this five-week tournament filmed at the iconic Beringer Winery in Napa Valley! These competitors, who share a passion for cooking over an open flame compete for a spot in the Grill Masters grand finale for a chance to win up to $60,000!

Whether you're a longtime follower of the Beringer Great Steak Challenge or a newfound fan, don’t miss your chance to watch Beringer Founders' Estate prove once again why it's the "Official Wine of Steak."

Then, experience an exclusive taste of your own at Beringer Winery. Click here for more details.

Fun Filming Facts from the Beringer Vineyards Set

• The Chopped Grill Masters pantry was built/set up fresh every morning of production, sourcing local ingredients.

• Over 50 bags of charcoal were used during the Chopped Grill Masters production.

• During Chopped Grill Masters production temperature swings of 30-40 degrees were something the crew had to work around.

• The Judges' table moved six times per episode during Chopped Grill Masters.

On location at the Beringer Vineyards Set