Kristen Davis

I love grilling anything and everything – there’s something really satisfying about watching the flames jump about and the sound of sizzling juices. My recipe was inspired by the decade I spent traveling the world from China to Australia, Thailand and Honduras. I spent nearly 6 years living in Thailand and even met my husband there – I like to tease him that I traded in paradise for a house in the suburbs. We’re now settled in Easthampton, Massachusetts and are currently opening a classic movie theater.

My dish, Thai Lemongrass Tenderloin Skewers, is all about balance. A bold spicy sauce follows the rules by combining hot, sweet, salty, and sour. This balance lays the perfect framework for a crisp, fruity, well-balanced wine. The Beringer Founders’ Estate Sauvignon Blanc has the strength of flavor to stand up against the intense sauce, while still accenting the light freshness of the cucumber slaw. With a baby boy and busy schedule keeping us from planning any big trips in the near future, this recipe is a way for my husband and I to remember our exotic adventures from our backyard.

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